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Call of the Cosmos Trailer

October 08th, 2018




Illustra Media is pleased to announce the completion of
THE CALL OF THE COSMOSan unforgettable exploration of the universe and its Creator.

This powerful 59-minute motion picture showcases breathtaking evidence for design and purpose in the natural world. Producer Lad Allen called it “one of most visually stunning films Illustra has ever made. It’s a cinematic feast that transports you to some of the most beautiful and mysterious corners of creation for a deeper understanding of God and His relationship with each of us.”

In Psalm 19, David wrote that “the heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” These inspired words reveal a vital truth: the Creator who brought the universe into existence from absolutely nothing, speaks to us eloquently through all that He has made.

THE CALL OF THE COSMOS is a celebration of 21st century science and the Biblical picture of God–a remarkable film that will challenge your mind and inspire your heart.

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