Stunning High-speed Footage of Hummingbirds

Stunning and incomparably magnificent! It is difficult to describe the marvel of design found in the hummingbird without using the language of astonishment.

Recently our team spent a couple of days chasing after these seemingly hypersonic and nimble little creatures hoping to catch them if only for a couple seconds within the frame of our high speed digital video camera.

Our hope became a reality and we got some of the most spectacular footage.  We wanted to share some of it with the readers of our blog and build the anticipation for our upcoming film on birds which we believe will be our best film yet. (NOTE: That what you are about to watch is at approximately 1/10th speed which means that 20 seconds of video represents only 2 seconds of real life).


High-speed video of Hummingbirds

As you experience the awe of how the tiny bird maneuvers at such high speeds, consider by comparison how man was unable to achieve winged flight for many thousands and thousands of years. Not until the turn of the 20th century did we finally (and when measured against what we see in the video, quite clumsily in my opinion) defy gravity using a carefully manufactured giant apparatus. And over 100 years later our best designs today are still crude by comparison. There remains not a single piece of man-made engineering anywhere that rivals the features of design in this tiny seemingly nuclear powered biological life form.

And yet what is almost as remarkable, but far less impressive, is the ideas that float around pop culture that regard the origin of all animals – including the hummingbird – as having come about by the chance coalescence of matter and chemicals organizing themselves. What makes these claims so unbelievable is that they depend on as-of-yet undiscovered natural forces that no one can pinpoint. And what about the fact that these notions offer blind chance the meritorious credit for doing something that the best collective minds throughout all of history have yet to come close to mimic. They consider that random luck is a better builder of advanced design than man, despite the so many trillions of unplanned experiments we witness which demonstrate in the laboratory of life that randomness never creates designs; it just destroys them.

Illustra Media’s How Life Works, is our ambitious goal to continue our legacy to produce visually stunning documentaries filled with examples of phenomenon in nature that defy any kind of Darwinian explanations with the hope to restore the credit of creation to the Creator.

By the way, if you are so led we would be utterly grateful to have you join our team and help us in our effort with whatever financial assistance you can offer.

Lad Allen – Producer