Moody Radio Interviews Lad Allen

Moody Radio’s Janet Parshall invited Illustra Media’s producer Lad Allen to join her on the air waves to speak about our Intelligent Design trilogy. 

After a generous review of our films (which we are humbled and grateful for) Janet directed the discussion towards much of the controversy, past and present, that has followed these films.

Lad recounted for Janet how many years back several PBS stations broadcast the film(s) and the public response, both positive and negative, was immense demonstrating that  Intelligent Design is not regarded in the minds of many Americans as innocuous.

Janet also brought up the details regarding the controversial court case between David Coppedge and Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) which at the heart of the dispute lay two of our films.

To hear the enthusiastic and insightful commentary you can listen to the archive at:

NOTE: Interview Starts at 8:50 seconds in with a clip from The Privileged Planet.