View a preview for Metamorphosis now

A preview of Illustra Media’s new documentary is now available for viewing at our YouTube site (link below). Metamorphosis will be Illustra’s first release in the Blu-Ray DVD format.
One of the reasons we’re particularly excited about this film is that, for decades, the production of wildlife documentaries has been almost exclusively the domain of National Geographic and the BBC (Nova,  Nature, etc).  Their films are brilliantly produced, with stunning photography and riveting stories.   Yet, almost invariably, they are based upon the premise that all life on Earth is the product of blind, undirected materialistic processes. The possibility of intelligent design as a creative agent in nature is either ridiculed as “pseudo-science” or ignored.  We believe that Metamorphosis gives us an opportunity to present a fascinating, visually compelling production that will convincingly argue the viability of design.

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If you are interested in knowing how you can help support the production of Metamorphosis, contact Illustra Media.