Intelligent design DVD trilogy scheduled for release

Illustra Media and RPI will launch distribution of a special DVD collector’s edition set featuring Unlocking the Mystery of Life, The Privileged Planet and Darwin’s Dilemma.  The release date of The Intelligent Design Collection is Sept. 1, 2010.

For the past two decades one theory has challenged the scientific establishment and Darwinian evolution—the theory of intelligent design.

While science generally contends that life and the universe are the products of undirected material processes, new evidence from biology, chemistry, paleontology, physics, and astronomy points clearly to a world designed for a purpose.  At the heart of this debate are three remarkable films that have defined the major arguments for the existence of an intelligent agent behind all of life and the cosmos.

These internationally- acclaimed documentaries are now available, for the first time, in a
special 3-DVD collector’s edition  that includes more than six hours of feature programming and bonus material.

For more information contact:

(800) 266-7741