Illustra Media announces new documentary

Illustra Media recently began production on a new film—Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Power of Intelligent Design.  This documentary will explore compelling evidence for intelligent design as revealed through the life cycle butterflies.

The subject matter of Metamorphosis represents some of the most powerful evidence for design in all of nature.  The transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to adult butterfly defies Darwinian evolution through random variation and small gradual steps.   In fact, some evolutionary biologists have called the process of metamorphosis, “butterfly magic.”  That’s not surprising, given that inside the chrysalis, the cells of the caterpillar break down into a chemical soup.  Then new cells—butterfly cells— form from the molecular components.  In a just a few days, these cells are reassembled into an adult butterfly that has virtually no resemblance to a caterpillar.

The release of Metamorphosis is scheduled for Spring 2011.