Customer Review of Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Having followed the intelligent design movement since its inception, most of the material in this video was not new to me. However, the depictions are apt and really awe-inspiring–especially those in the last one third of the video. When you see a computer simulation of specified complexity at the molecular level, it sticks in your consciousness. Sheer dumb luck could not have done this.
I have seen this presentation three times. Each time I am impressed with the comments of the experts and the care in which the challenging material is presented. The subject is approached in a calm and scientific manner. The audio clips are long enough to explain tough concepts. Especially telling is the interview with Dr. Dean Kenyon, a pretigious scientist and author who eventually gave up on chance and necessity as the parents of human life–and this after defending it in a well-received volume called “Biochemical Predestination.” He marvels at the nature of life and argues that a mindless universe could not have generated it.

In an age awash with stupid, pointless, and sensational vidiocy, this video presentation stands out as a unique and important achievement for the young intelligent design movement. One can learn much from it about some things that truly matter.

When I showed “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” to my class at Denver Seminary, the students spontaneously applauded at the end. Just to add an emotive comment, it gives me goosebumps.

But please don’t just view this, read about the intelligent design movement: Phillip Johnson, “Darwin on Trial,” William Dembski, “Intelligent Design,” Thomas Woodward, “Doubts About Darwin,” and many others.

Douglas Groothuis