Customer Review for the Case for a Creator

This is a very good video that offers a quick overview of many of intelligent design theory’s main arguments. It creates a powerful case, but doesn’t bog you down in the details (which for those interested are available in more depth on Illusta Media’s other videos). Very sharp, well-presented, and succinct. I like Steve Meyer’s statements and choice of words, which pack a whallop. And he hits the nail on the head by noting the difference between an argument that has a religious motivation, and an argument that has a religious implication in its conclusion. Evolutionists are always confusing the two. The arguments presented in The Case for a Creator are weighty, and only those with an anti-God bias will take exception to the observational evidence presented that strongly implies a creator. The difficulty that evolutionists will have with this video is the temptation of closed-mindedness to new ideas, because change is difficult to accept. It can even be seen in the negative reviews this video has received – how evolutionists must resort to the logical fallacy of ad-hominem attacks, by claiming the video is faith-based, rather than scientifically refuting any of the points presented. But no evolutionist has ever proffered any good observational evidence that proves that life WAS NOT designed. And herein lies the problem: Things really look an awful lot like they were designed. Even the brilliant late Francis Crick stated that biologists must continually remind themselves that what they see was not designed. Why did he say this? Because everything looks like it was designed! Piltdown man is a good example of how the evolutionary paradigm blinds observers to where the evidence is really leading. And just as it took a long time for people to get over their belief that the world was flat or that life can spontaneously spring from rotten meat, this video exposes how evolutionists will go down fighting to the end to prop up their crumbling theory. Even to the point of clinging to logic-defying arguments, such as the concept of multiple universes, which this video exposes as a last-ditch effort to rescue chance from the overwhelming odds against it. True story – a biology prof at Macomb County College in Michigan is currently teaching his malleable freshman class that “evolution is fact because it has never been disproven,” and if you don’t believe in evolution, then you don’t believe in science. It’s understandable, yet sad, that evolutionists must resort to the logical fallacy of negative proof in order to ramrod evolutionary belief into the minds of future scientists.